Life Insurance

Life insurance should be an essential part of any financial plan. Its primary purpose is to provide your loved ones with the protection needed to ease the financial burden of death. In this capacity, the proceeds can be used to help meet your children's college expenses, help ensure a comfortable retirement for your spouse, or assist with the payment of any outstanding debt.

In addition to providing the necessary death benefit, certain policies offer income tax-deferred cash value accumulation potential, providing you with a possible funding source for future needs. Of course, withdrawals and loans may reduce policy cash values and the death benefit and may have tax consequences.


How much insurance is enough?

We are trained and certified to provide you with estimates and help you decide your coverage limits. No one person's insurance needs are the same as another and all coverage is best when it is fine tuned for the customer.

What is the best way to report a claim?

The best way to report a claim would be to contact us directly by phone at (270) 753-3500 or by email at [email protected].


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